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Be Safe! Amazon AirPods Raffle Scam Text

Many people appreciate Amazon’s size, and scammers are no exception. As a result, people lose their money, hoping to receive goods at extremely low prices. Fortunately, it is simple to understand that you’re facing a scam. This article will teach you everything you need about Amazon AirPods raffle scam text and how to prevent this attack.

What is Amazon AirPods Raffle Scam Text?

The Amazon Airpods Raffle text scam is a recent hoax text message circulating online. The text contains a link that leads to a fraudulent website that pretends to be legitimate to steal account and personal and financial information. It forms a dangerous trend with numerous other Amazon scams present online.

How Does the Amazon AirPods Raffle Scam Work?

This scam involves consumers receiving an SMS text message that claims to have won a prize. It may be anything desired by folks, but these days its typically new AirPods. All the victim has to do is click on the link in the text. This leads you to a convincing (but fake) Amazon website. The final step is to complete a survey, after which you will be eligible for your prize. This survey supposes giving out some of your information, like date of birth, name, phone number, and so forth. Some variants include asking some absurdly easy questions, like a year of Biden’s assignation as president. Still, “to complete the survey and receive the prize” you should still share your personal data.

The site where this scam takes place is completely under crooks’ control. All you type and wherever you click will make its way to crooks. Even if those sites feature HTTPS protection, its maintainers have ways to gather all things you’ve typed in the fields. Information like the one they commonly ask for is valuable for further scams, or simple spamming.

Example of Scam Text Message

Congratulations! Today, you have been selected to participate in our survey. It will only take a minute, and you will receive a fantastic prize: a [Prize]. Every Tuesday, we randomly select ten users to have a chance to win valuable prizes. Today's prize is a prize! There will be ten winners chosen at random. This promotion is only applicable to the United States. This survey is intended to enhance our users' service quality and will reward your participation with 100%. You have 3 minutes and 36 seconds to respond to this survey. Get to it; the number of prizes available is limited.[Questions]

Example of Text Message Amazon Airpods Raffle

How to report you have been scammed?

If you believe you’ve been defrauded, follow these steps:

  • Contact your financial institution and request they cancel your credit or debit cards if you stole the numbers.
  • Please report it to the FTC.

How to Avoid Amazon AirPods Scam?

Scammers use links in their scam texts to steal sensitive information. This is because it’s fairly common for scammers to include links in their messages. For example, before clicking any link in an AirPods raffle scam that could award a prize, it’s wise to check the link’s destination via Amazon or other means of contact. Doing this helps to ensure the link leads to something different than an Amazon AirPods raffle text scam rather than a legitimate giveaway. Below are some recommendations that help you to avoid it.

  • Do not respond to any impersonal messages that are not from friends or family;
  • Do not click on posts that promote special offers, contests, and awards you have not agreed to;
  • Also, do not click on unintentional messages with suspicious links, even if the URL in the link seems legal at first glance.

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