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Trojan-miner: reasons and methods

Trojan miner: reasons, distribution, effects

Coin mining trojans appeared not so long ago, getting the fame of “not so dangerous virus”. In one of the previous articles, I mentioned the trojan miner as one of the most active trojan types nowadays. But they are too interesting for me to explain them in a couple of sentences. In this article, you will see the reasons for… Read More »Trojan miner: reasons, distribution, effects

Dangerous browser extensions

Browser extensions: non-obvious danger right under the nose

Browser extensions are a rather useful thing. They make our browsing more comfortable, disabling the ads that can sometimes flood the website so it is hard to read the info you need, as well as create such facilities as the 2FA-assistant or fast notes. But for some strange reasons browser add-ons became an instrument of malware creators, who make money… Read More »Browser extensions: non-obvious danger right under the nose

Online Security Tips and Tricks

Online security: tips to avoid malware injection & data leaks

There are a lot of branches under the term “cybersecurity”. Computer network security, information security, security of the single computer – all these branches of cybersecurity are very large. And all of them are essential for understanding if you use PC. Online security, an integral part of this enormously actual study, often leaves behind the scene. In this article, you… Read More »Online security: tips to avoid malware injection & data leaks

Windows hints to make your system faster

Windows Hints: How to speed your system up?

Windows is an epoch-making operating system. It has a monopolistic position on the personal computer systems market. To make the system more comfortable for different categories of users, Microsoft created a lot of embedded services, which must improve the experience of their OS usage. However, these services are unnecessary for many users and can slow down outdated systems. Sometimes, even… Read More »Windows Hints: How to speed your system up?

Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Advertisements are an integral part of modern web browsing. You will see them wherever you browse. Sporting websites, forums, and online shops have 3-5 ads on every page. These web pages are gaining money in such a way, and it must not be an object of complaining – everyone wants to have a penny to buy lunch. But besides website… Read More »Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs

The majority of users are sure that the viruses are distributed separately. They believe you can’t download one trojan virus, which would contain 5-7 viruses of completely different types. Yes, such an opinion was actually in 2012…2014. However, it was completely wrong in 2023. Thanks to technological development, you can easily download a program declaring that it is capable of,… Read More »Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs

Ransomware - The Most Dangerous Malware of All Times

Ransomware – Curse of All Time

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of virus. It encrypts your files, then spams your computer with “readme.txt” files, where you can find the ransom payment guide. Anti-malware software developers are doing their best to intercept this hazardous malware, and to decrypt the files if the attack has been tolerated. This persistent competition is breathtaking, however, the history… Read More »Ransomware – Curse of All Time