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Cybersecurity Terms & Definitions

The Cybersecurity Definitions and terms that help you uncover IT Security knowledge.

What Is Cybersecurity?

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity means the body of processes, practices, and technologies that are specifically designed to protect data, programs, devices and networks. Typical threats include unauthorised access, vandalism, and data encryption and exfiltration. Sometimes it is referred to as information technology security. If you want to understand what the true scope of this body is, just think of all the things that… Read More »What Is Cybersecurity?

Metamorphic Virus

What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

A metamorphic virus is a kind of malware that can change its own code and signature patterns with every iteration. The authors of metamorphic viruses apply such techniques as to disguise the malicious code in a way it won’t get detected by antivirus and antimalware programs. Additionally it is done to create the attribution of the malware more difficult. Metamorphic… Read More »What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

Boot Sector Virus

What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

Boot sector virus is a kind of malware that targets the system’s boot partition or the master boot record (MBR) of a hard disk. Boot sector of a disk contains the code and data needed for the start of the computer’s operating system (OS). During the computer’s start up and before it gets detected by the antivirus software the virus… Read More »What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

Malicious Code: Threats and Remedies

What is Malicious Code?

One of the hackers’ favorite tools is malicious code. It is considered something extremely dangerous and elusive. Such a reputation is partly justified, partly exaggerated. What exactly it is, how it differs from what we call malware, when and how malicious code attacks can be executed, and how to protect yourself – you can read about these things in the… Read More »What is Malicious Code?

Digital Footprint Explanation and Examples

What is a Digital Footprint: Meaning and Definition

Now that the digital world has become our irreplaceable part of life, it also becomes important what life you lead there in this brave new world. People are starting to talk about “digital footprint” — your so-called digital alter ego. It is now the same as with the reputation in real life. You should also care about your digital one.… Read More »What is a Digital Footprint: Meaning and Definition

Script-Based Malware: How Dangerous Is It?

What is Script-Based Malware?

Script-based malware is not a new thing at all, but can definitely be called “new” when we talk about its modern appearance. Scripts were used over a decade ago to deliver malware or do some unpleasant things on infected computers. But their modern nature has changed. Around the edge of the ‘10s, antivirus tools made a large leap forward in… Read More »What is Script-Based Malware?

facebook virus

Facebook Virus – What is That?

Last time, a lot of our users report about the strange messages they got on Facebook. My investigation showed that such messages are sent from different accounts, however, all of them contained the same text and link. For some reasons, such an occasion was named as the Facebook virus.  Read this post to know the details. What is the Facebook… Read More »Facebook Virus – What is That?

Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Advertisements are an integral part of modern web browsing. You will see them wherever you browse. Sporting websites, forums, and online shops have 3-5 ads on every page. These web pages are gaining money in such a way, and it must not be an object of complaining – everyone wants to have a penny to buy lunch. But besides website… Read More »Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Trojan Virus - How Dangerous is it?

Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs

The majority of users are sure that the viruses are distributed separately. They believe you can’t download one trojan virus, which would contain 5-7 viruses of completely different types. Yes, such an opinion was actually in 2012…2014. However, it was completely wrong in 2023. Thanks to technological development, you can easily download a program declaring that it is capable of,… Read More »Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs