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What Is Cybersecurity?

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity means the body of processes, practices, and technologies that are specifically designed to protect data, programs, devices and networks. Typical threats include unauthorised access, vandalism, and data encryption and exfiltration. Sometimes it is referred to as information technology security. If you want to understand what the true scope of this body is, just think of all the things that… Read More »What Is Cybersecurity?

Most Wanted Malware 2022

Most Wanted Malware 2022

Recently specialists from CheckPoint Research published a report where they provide us with information on what’s exactly going on in the malware world right now. In its latest Global Threat Index for March 2022 researchers report the list of malware that continues to make headlines for various cases of infections worldwide. The report covers the top malware families, top attacked… Read More »Most Wanted Malware 2022

Metamorphic Virus

What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

A metamorphic virus is a kind of malware that can change its own code and signature patterns with every iteration. The authors of metamorphic viruses apply such techniques as to disguise the malicious code in a way it won’t get detected by antivirus and antimalware programs. Additionally it is done to create the attribution of the malware more difficult. Metamorphic… Read More »What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

Boot Sector Virus

What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

Boot sector virus is a kind of malware that targets the system’s boot partition or the master boot record (MBR) of a hard disk. Boot sector of a disk contains the code and data needed for the start of the computer’s operating system (OS). During the computer’s start up and before it gets detected by the antivirus software the virus… Read More »What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

Malicious Code: Threats and Remedies

What is Malicious Code?

One of the hackers’ favorite tools is malicious code. It is considered something extremely dangerous and elusive. Such a reputation is partly justified, partly exaggerated. What exactly it is, how it differs from what we call malware, when and how malicious code attacks can be executed, and how to protect yourself – you can read about these things in the… Read More »What is Malicious Code?

Trojan Remover Review - Is It Any Good?

Trojan Remover

The cybersecurity market is full of various products and services. All vendors ensure their customers that their product is superior and much better than one offered by rivals. However, the overall trend of making anti-malware software an all-in-one app. Following the wish to make the antivirus omnipotent, they pushed its resource consumption sky-high. Some examples of anti-malware software consume so… Read More »Trojan Remover

Spoofing Attack: All You Should Know

How to Prevent Spoofing Attack in 2022

Spoofing is an element of many fraud attacks. Its point is to create a misleading appearance for a deceptive message. Spoofing attack takes advantage of human inattention and makes victims of the attack believe they are dealing with a trustworthy company, website, person, etc. If frauds establish such trust, they may try to get in possession of users’ passwords, credit… Read More »How to Prevent Spoofing Attack in 2022

Digital Footprint Explanation and Examples

What is a Digital Footprint: Meaning and Definition

Now that the digital world has become our irreplaceable part of life, it also becomes important what life you lead there in this brave new world. People are starting to talk about “digital footprint” — your so-called digital alter ego. It is now the same as with the reputation in real life. You should also care about your digital one.… Read More »What is a Digital Footprint: Meaning and Definition