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Google will sue puppy fraud scammer

Google will sue puppy fraud scammer

Google will sue the scammer who ran a non-delivery scam. The peculiarity of that case is that multiple victims from the US were tricked into buying puppies that actually never existed. This scam got the name of a puppy fraud. Puppies that have never arrived Google says the victims of such a puppy fraud became mainly older Americans who in… Read More »Google will sue puppy fraud scammer

Fastest Ransomware to Encrypt: The Research

The Fastest Ransomware to Encrypt

Lately the research came out done by Splunk on what is the fastest ransomware family out there? They tried to test what ransomware sample will do the quickest in time encryption of the files. How Long it Takes for Ransomware to Encrypt the System? The results of this research coincided with a similar only marketing PR stunt from the LockBit… Read More »The Fastest Ransomware to Encrypt


Roblox Robux Scams

  • by Helga
  • News

Although this might not be the news, all Roblox players out there should be acknowledged or reminded one more time. Beware of the scammers out there who try to just steal your credentials, game items, and the most desired thing Robux. Many might have known about the scam tricks long ago, but the question for knowledge should be, as they… Read More »Roblox Robux Scams


Microsoft Released Patches: January Update Bugs

Recently Microsoft released out of plan patches for the January updates` bugs. On the second Tuesday of January the company made the updates that caused many complaints from the customers. The problematic issues were with the Virtual machines (VMs), domain controllers (DCs) and VPN connections, etc. Users can download the updates from the Microsoft Update catalog. Some of the updates… Read More »Microsoft Released Patches: January Update Bugs

STOP/Djvu Ransomware Detailed Analysis

Djvu Ransomware

STOP/Djvu ransomware family is individuals’ most widespread ransomware family. This malware type is infamous for its ability to lock the files and then ask you to pay a large sum of money to get them back. Appearing in December 2017, it is one of the oldest ransomware families among the ones that are running these days. STOP/Djvu family has a… Read More »Djvu Ransomware


Antivirus Scanner, Anti-malware, Antivirus Program

Not each user understands the difference between antivirus, anti-malware software and antivirus scanner. All of these program types serve a single purpose – to detect malware, this or other way. Programs from different developers can use various methods, separately or jointly. The main difference hides in the additional abilities of these apps, that are separated from the main task. After… Read More »Antivirus Scanner, Anti-malware, Antivirus Program

Script-Based Malware: How Dangerous Is It?

What is Script-Based Malware?

Script-based malware is not a new thing at all, but can definitely be called “new” when we talk about its modern appearance. Scripts were used over a decade ago to deliver malware or do some unpleasant things on infected computers. But their modern nature has changed. Around the edge of the ‘10s, antivirus tools made a large leap forward in… Read More »What is Script-Based Malware?

Computer virus types

Computer virus types. How much computer virus types are there?

Computer viruses is a very wide theme. Describing them all, without missing a thing in one article is pretty hard. So first, let’s start by defining the main computer virus types that are present nowadays.  The term “computer virus” nowadays serves as a global description of all malicious programs. But originally, viruses are… a type of malware. Over a decade… Read More »Computer virus types. How much computer virus types are there?

Discord virus - exploiting the trust

Discord virus – exploiting the trust

Discord virus is a common name for malspamming campaigns, that aim at inexperienced users who use, exactly, Discord. It is similar to another spam – so-called Facebook virus. However, they have several significant differences, which come from the differences between Facebook and Discord users. Let’s see how to understand that someone tries to involve you in this online scam. Explaining… Read More »Discord virus – exploiting the trust

Dogecoin Scam - Is That Giveaway Real?

Dogecoin scam: how and why

Dogecoin scam is a kind of online fraud, which is based on the manipulation with cryptocurrencies. It appears as an unwanted banner or even a separate page in your web browser. Sometimes, the appearance of these promotions is a sign of malware presence. But first things first, let’s check the things according to their order. What is the Dogecoin scam… Read More »Dogecoin scam: how and why