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What is Browser Hijacker?

Browser Hijacker: What Is It and How to Remove It?

Browser hijacker is a kind of malware that everyone has likely faced at least once. Have you ever been in a situation when, as you open your browser, you see a new home page, another search engine, or a new add-on that you have never installed? These are the signs of your browser being hijacked. Your browser is of great… Read More »Browser Hijacker: What Is It and How to Remove It?

Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Advertisements are an integral part of modern web browsing. You will see them wherever you browse. Sporting websites, forums, and online shops have 3-5 ads on every page. These web pages are gaining money in such a way, and it must not be an object of complaining – everyone wants to have a penny to buy lunch. But besides website… Read More »Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?