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Man-in-the-Middle:All You Need To Know

Man-in-the-Middle Attack: All You Need To Know

Man-in-the-Middle attack is a cyberattack where threat actors get hold of communication channels and can interfere with them. No one from the participating party will know that there’s someone third in the channel. Sometimes this type of cyber threat is called man-in-the-browser, monkey-in-the-middle, machine-in-the-middle, and monster-in-the-middle. An attack may happen through different channels, primarily the infected router or malicious proxy… Read More »Man-in-the-Middle Attack: All You Need To Know


Antivirus Scanner, Anti-malware, Antivirus Program

Not each user understands the difference between antivirus, anti-malware software and antivirus scanner. All of these program types serve a single purpose – to detect malware, this or other way. Programs from different developers can use various methods, separately or jointly. The main difference hides in the additional abilities of these apps, that are separated from the main task. After… Read More »Antivirus Scanner, Anti-malware, Antivirus Program