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Smishing Attacks: Tips for protection

Smishing Attacks: Tips for protection

Smishing is a kind of a phishing attack that aims to steal the privacy of a user and distribute malware on their device. This attack works using text messages, which deceptively inform users about something important. This attack supposes that user should follow the link or send something back instead. Smishing has long been successful for scammers. Users often trust… Read More »Smishing Attacks: Tips for protection

Social Engineering Attack: Forms and Prevention

Social Engineering Attack: What You Need To Know

Social engineering is a type of cyberattack that instead of software vulnerabilities aims for vulnerabilities in human psychology. It implies various psychological tricks to lure victims into making security mistakes like giving away some sensitive information. And that is what makes social engineering attacks especially dangerous. The mistakes humans make after the psychological pressing are harder to predict or prevent… Read More »Social Engineering Attack: What You Need To Know

Whaling Attack — How Dangerous is Whaling?

What Is Whaling

Whaling is a particular type of phishing that is specifically directed towards different companies’ and organizations’ executives. Threat actors may pretend to be an executive of some companies and so target other employees of that company or they will try to target an executive director. In this type of phishing attack, threat actors rely on complex social engineering attacks to… Read More »What Is Whaling

Password Stylized Image

How to Create a Strong Password & Avoid Password-Related Threats

A password is arguably one of the most underrated security tools nowadays. They are so ancient as a phenomenon, seen in so many applications and services, that understandably, people who use them for protection don’t know how problematic it is to break a strong password. Login credentials are a Helm’s Deep of any targeted system. Theoretically, they can be brute-force… Read More »How to Create a Strong Password & Avoid Password-Related Threats