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NFT Explained – Definition, Examples, Scams

NFT Meaning and Definition: Dangerous NFT Scams

NFT boomed in 2021, growing to about $22 billion and attracting about 280,000 buyers, sellers, and about 185,000 unique wallets. Unfortunately, as the market grew, so did the opportunities for cybercrime, with attractive reports of NFT scams, NFT art scams, and NFT game scams. Spend enough time online, and you’re bound to run into scammers who will try to steal… Read More »NFT Meaning and Definition: Dangerous NFT Scams

Top Facebook Scam 2022: Tips and Tricks to Avoid

Facebook is probably one of the popular social networks. Not surprisingly, scammers are also looking for ways to take advantage of it. Most of them aim to steal your personal information and your money. Unfortunately, these Facebook scams will be very effective because they exploit people’s natural curiosity and lack of knowledge. Facebook scammers will do everything (fake accounts, links,… Read More »Top Facebook Scam 2022: Tips and Tricks to Avoid


Roblox Robux Scams

  • by Helga
  • News

Although this might not be the news, all Roblox players out there should be acknowledged or reminded one more time. Beware of the scammers out there who try to just steal your credentials, game items, and the most desired thing Robux. Many might have known about the scam tricks long ago, but the question for knowledge should be, as they… Read More »Roblox Robux Scams