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Netflix Scam Email Banner

Netflix Scam Email: Top Netflix Scams 2023

In March 2023, reports began appearing on Twitter that Netflix users had become victims of a text-message scam. These messages claimed their Netflix accounts were blocked due to a declined membership fee. Have you ever run into a Netflix scam email? If you receive a text message purportedly sent by Netflix, never download attachments or click on links. Below, we… Read More »Netflix Scam Email: Top Netflix Scams 2023

Email Spam: Ways to Recognize & Avoid

What Is Spam Email?

Spam is an obsessive advertising or another kind of email that may contain something malicious. This is a huge number of emails for the purpose of advertising a specific product. Botnets are usually responsible for sending those emails. Most often, they contain phishing emails, forgery for something known (FedEx, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) to a non-selective list of recipients. In this… Read More »What Is Spam Email?