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Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel Hacked

Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel Hacked

On March 23, 2023, a popular tech channel on Youtube called Linus Tech Tips was hacked. Fraudsters used the channel with a 15 million audience to spread cryptocurrency scams. Fortunately, YouTube has already taken care of it by suspending it, thus preventing possible massive negative consequences for subscribers. Who is Linus Tech Tips? First, let’s find out what this channel… Read More »Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel Hacked

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing: What’s The Thing

Every company and organization worldwide invests a lot of money and spends significant time on cyber security. Nowadays, regular cyber security checks play a vital role in managing different workspaces. Penetration testing helps review the cybersecurity readiness of your company or organization from various cyberattacks. Pen tests allow companies and organizations to see the possible weaknesses in their cybersecurity defense… Read More »Penetration Testing: What’s The Thing

Brute Force Attacks: Is It Still a Threat?

What Is Brute Force Attack: Everything You Need To Know

Brute force is a type of cyberattack when threat actors try to exploit the old, but still reliable method of password hijacking. They simply try out every possible combination from the databases of stolen login credentials. Obviously, finding a match means success for them. These days, crooks automated this process, with the use of bots and large DBs from the… Read More »What Is Brute Force Attack: Everything You Need To Know