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NSA releases advices on securing PowerShell environment

NSA Advises On How To Secure Windows Devices With PowerShell

The National Security Agency (NSA) and several other cyber security partner agencies recently shared an advisory where they recommended to system administrators to use PowerShell in order to prevent and also detect all the malicious activities going on any Windows machine. PowerShell (or shortly PS) is Microsoft’s automation and configuration tool. Hackers often abuse it, mostly at stages after gaining… Read More »NSA Advises On How To Secure Windows Devices With PowerShell

Google will sue puppy fraud scammer

Google will sue puppy fraud scammer

Google will sue the scammer who ran a non-delivery scam. In the fraudulent activity multiple victims from the US were tricked into buying puppies that actually never existed. Puppies that have never arrived Google says the victims of such a fraud became mainly older Americans who in general are more vulnerable to different kinds of cyber attacks. “The actor used… Read More »Google will sue puppy fraud scammer


Roblox Robux Scams

  • by Helga
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Although this might not be the news, all Roblox players out there should be acknowledged or reminded one more time. Beware of the scammers out there who try to just steal your credentials, game items, and the most desired thing Robux. Many might have known about the scam tricks long ago, but the question for knowledge should be, as they… Read More »Roblox Robux Scams


Microsoft Released Patches: January Update Bugs

Recently Microsoft released out of plan patches for the January updates` bugs. On the second Tuesday of January the company made the updates that caused many complaints from the customers. The problematic issues were with the Virtual machines (VMs), domain controllers (DCs) and VPN connections, etc. Users can download the updates from the Microsoft Update catalog. Some of the updates… Read More »Microsoft Released Patches: January Update Bugs

Discord virus - exploiting the trust

Discord virus – exploiting the trust

Discord virus is a common name of spamming campaign, that is targeted on inexperienced users who use, exactly, Discord. It is similar to another spam – so-called Facebook virus. However, they have several significant differences, which come from the differences between Facebook and Discord users. Let’s see how to understand that someone tries to involve you into this online scam.… Read More »Discord virus – exploiting the trust

Dogecoin scam

Dogecoin scam: how and why

Dogecoin scam is a kind of online fraud, which is based on the manipulation with cryptocurrencies. It appears as an unwanted banner or even a separate page in your web browser. Sometimes, the appearance of these promotions is a sign of malware presence. But first things first, let’s check the things according to their order. What is the Dogecoin scam… Read More »Dogecoin scam: how and why

Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft — What is it About?

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft: What is it All About?

Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is another variation of online scam, which is caused by viruses. On this page, you see the notification that your PC is full of different viruses, and you need to call Microsoft support. However, the “operators” of this support will offer you to do a lot of dubious things. Let’s check the details. What is… Read More »Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft: What is it All About?

facebook virus

Facebook Virus – What is That?

Last time, a lot of our users report about the strange messages they got on Facebook. My investigation showed that such messages are sent from different accounts, however, all of them contained the same text and link. For some reasons, such an occasion was named as the Facebook virus.  Read this post to know the details. What is the Facebook… Read More »Facebook Virus – What is That?

Google membership rewards scam

Google membership rewards scam – Mar’21 update

Last time, a lot of online scamming pages appeared.  Google membership rewards scam is right among them. This website states that Google awards you a valuable prize, like a new iPhone or Amazon gift card. However, these pages are 100% fake, and below you will see the explanations of this fact. Google membership scam is progressing During the whole February,… Read More »Google membership rewards scam – Mar’21 update