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Facebook scam

Top Facebook Scam 2022: Tips and Tricks to Avoid

Facebook is probably one of the popular social networks. Not surprisingly, scammers are also looking for ways to take advantage of it. Most of them aim to steal your personal information and your money. Unfortunately, these Facebook scams will be very effective because they exploit people’s natural curiosity and lack of knowledge. Facebook scammers will do everything (fake accounts, links,… Read More »Top Facebook Scam 2022: Tips and Tricks to Avoid

facebook virus

Facebook Virus – What is That?

Last time, a lot of our users report about the strange messages they got on Facebook. My investigation showed that such messages are sent from different accounts, however, all of them contained the same text and link. For some reasons, such an occasion was named as the Facebook virus.  Read this post to know the details. What is the Facebook… Read More »Facebook Virus – What is That?