Roblox Robux Scams

Helga Smith

Although this might not be the news, all Roblox players out there should be acknowledged or reminded one more time. Beware of the scammers out there who try to just steal your credentials, game items and the most desired thing Robux. Many might have known about the scam tricks long ago but the question for the purpose of knowledge should be as they say “revisited one more time”. Sometimes the attacks of the Roblox scammers just result in marketing collection of the info but in other cases the consequences can be a little bit more unpleasant.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an internationally famous online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. With the use of the programming language Lua some users can create their own games. According to Wikipedia the game was created in 2004 and released in 2006. For a long time it was not that much famous until 2010 and particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic the game gained its current world fame. At the present moment the game has been downloaded 500 million times on Google Play Store which speaks for the great interest among the players and you guessed it right among cybercriminals as well.

Within the game players use virtual currency called Robux. With this currency you can buy avatar accessories, game access and items. To purchase it visit the Roblox website or any other retail stores such as Wal-Mart or Target where you can buy Roblox gift cards. The interesting thing about this game’s virtual currency is that it can be exchanged into real money.

Roblox Robux Scams
One of the options to purchase Robux, game`s online currency

For example, you accumulated lets say 100,000 Robux ( you did so by selling items, using gift cards, etc.) and if you meet all the Developer Exchange requirements you can take real money for your virtual currency by exchanging it. Now, for every 100,000 Robux you sell back to Roblox Corporation you will receive approximately $350. And you get it right with the real money involved the interest in cyber criminals could not be higher.

Free Robux Generator Scam

It was not that long ago when cybersecurity specialists discovered a very interesting trick of scammers organizing campaigns that tried to lure people in giving up their information. It was a website where users were promised to get free generated Robux. But before you could get them you had to enter your username and a few other values such as the desired coin (“Robux”) amount. It’s enough to say that thing was none other than a simple marketing survey assortment.

Roblox Robux Scams
Robux scam site

Additionally, in order for everything to look legit, scammers even put an open chat where alleged users of the free Robux generator tool shared their “Hundred percent work experience”. Once the user would type in the info the magic of secret hacking behind the scene will take its place.

Roblox Robux Scams
Fake Roblox generator and its “magic”

Remember there is no such thing as free Robux. Robux is the way for Roblox Corporation to make money. Why would you think they’d do it free? But it is kind of an innocent thing when you just give up your info for marketers. The other criminal things that lurk around the game can put you in a far troublesome situation.

What are the Most Common Roblox Scams?

Cookie Scraping. The most advanced kind of scam that steals your cookies. You noticed the thing when sometimes you don’t have to type in the info to log into your Roblox account again? That’s because your browser “remembers” that info. Scammers create malicious links that will redirect the victim to their site, scrape the needed cookie info and again redirect the victim to another site. In most cases users won’t even know what’s just happened. The attacker then takes the stolen cookie, places it in their browser and refreshes the page. In such a way without even a password and a username criminals get access to your account.

JavaScript Attacks. On the Internet you can find numerous videos and websites where they tell you to put a special script into the console of your browser in order to get free Robux. The code is JavaScript, a scripting language that allows users to do anything possible on the browser’s client side. After you paste such a code into your browser’s console the least you will get is that someone will steal your Roblox items and Robux.

Downloaded Programs. In some scams they will ask you to download a certain program to get free Robux. Once you do this the program can do pretty much anything on the device. If you are logged into an account it will open a new browser and steal your Robux and account items without you knowing this. It’s always better not to download any unfamiliar program on your device.

Especially Beware Fake Robux Streams

Free Robux for Apps Exchange. Here the similar. You download the app in return for receiving the free Robux but instead just make money for the developers by viewing the ads.

Fake, Free Robux Streams. No one streams for 17 hours straight. On YouTube, Twitch or other video game live streaming services you can come across streamers who promise to give free Robux and ask you to drop your handles in a chat. If you watch it attentively you will notice that the video might loop. But you can participate in such events when a streamer promises to give away Roblox gift cards. Even Roblox Corporation approves it.

Roblox Robux Scams
Fake Roblox stream

Roblox Messaging. The company doesn’t allow any URLs in messages for safety reasons. Nevertheless scammers always find creative ways to get users to click on a malicious link. In Roblox everyone can send you a message by default but you can set your own settings. Also remember that your friends account might as well be hacked and the message you receive might be not from them.

To put it simply, nothing comes at free these days. So, be attentive.



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