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Annoying pop-up ads. A bunch of unnecessary programs that constantly offer to buy something. The CPU is loaded at 90%. Hell would be nicer than working at a computer. Is this situation familiar to you? Loaris is aimed to fix all this.

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How Trojan Remover can help you

We are constantly improving our Threat Database to actualize it. It is very important for us to detect unsafe content before it harms your computer.

the issue

You turn on your computer and ads appears everywhere.

Does it annoy you? It annoys us too!

What's the problem?

It would seem you have an antivirus, then why are the ads still bothering you? The task of antiviruses is to protect against malicious elements that can damage your data.

What's happening?

It so happened that the most popular advertising networks work in the legal field. There are no legal violations in their activity. Your files are safe and popular antiviruses suppose everything is fine. But we do not consider this to be true.

How to deal with it?

The Loaris team does not welcome adware and we believe you have the right to know if it is installed and also should have a possibility to quickly and qualitatively remove it. The giants like Microsoft or Amazon can't guarantee that even if they advertise it, that it will be safe.

Do you remember how the computer pleased you with productivity in very first days? But today it's hard to work. It heats, it dulls, it makes noise. Is it time to buy a new one? In some cases, the correct answer is not obvious.

When it is normal for your PC to slow down for a while, there’s a lot of reasons behind why! A coin miner installed on your computer, among others. If your PC is running slowly, Loaris might help speed things up.

There is nothing wrong with mining. There was a time everyone thought so. But what if right now the intruders are mining their cryptocurrency on your computer? Many of the mining programs are legal and are used officially. Antiviruses will ignore this problem. But lets check whether the remote mining is really safe.

If mining is done without your knowledge, something clearly is not right though! Loaris will show you a potential problem and fix it.

The issue

Today, remote mining is a real cause of many computer problems, especially for slow PCs

Check if it was hooked by a coin miner!

the issue

The drivers are outdated, the system needs to be cleaned ... to be optimizated ... to be updated

- this is the work of PUA - Potentially Unwanted Applications.

How did it start?

There is no official moment on when it began. Unwanted software can be introduced when a user searches for and downloads applications from the internet. They cling tightly to your system and do not retire until you figure this out.

How can this be allowed?

It happens even well known companies turns into the creators of PUA, the gift that numerous of them holds their own legal departments. And, not everyone will and wants to resist them. In addition to a short-term profit for their creators, these applications do not provide anything useful to the system.

We believe Loaris will honestly tell you about it.


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Loaris pays attention to the details

We know that we have to be careful about paying attention to the details, we have to be cognizant about potential threats in removal process, and we have to check user's PC for vulnarabilities very, very carefully.

Speed and reliability
Speed and reliability

Often, an attempt to replace an existing antivirus results in hours of system configuration. Is it worth it? Will the new antivirus protect better than the previous one? Loaris is a fast and reliable solution that does not interfere with your configured antivirus protection system. The scanning and cleaning process will take no more than 15 minutes.


Do you have an antivirus installed? Do you even have a favorite one? No problem! Loaris works harmoniously with any antivirus solution. And it also supports all versions of Windows from the outdated XP to the modern Windows 11.


Let us not quarrel over how effective antivirus protection is against viruses. But what if your computer is crowded with advertising and unwanted software? Does your antivirus pay attention to this? Try to clean your computer with Loaris, the result will surprise you!

PUA detection
PUA detection

What distinguishes PUAs from other malware is that the user in some way consents to their download. When a user downloads a program from the Internet and does not read the download agreement, so he may not realize what else programs are being downloaded.

Browser check
Browser check

When unsuspecting users open a link intended to be hijacked by an attacker, they give it the green light to install spyware on your browser and change its settings. We know where to check if this happens and will reset the settings.

Computer virus elimination
Computer virus elimination

The experts at Loaris specialize in computer virus elimination. We clear infections from PCs or laptops and make sure that your system is clear. When you need fast, efficient computer check, try Loaris.